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Stream of consciousness…

Some things that have filled my mind today…

-Money is relative. You have more, you spend more. If we had everything we wanted, the things we wanted would be worth less.

-If I stand up straight, my bathroom mirror only covers up to my top lip. Am I tall? Or, is the mirror too low?

-I bought a kitchen trashcan that has a locking lid because my dog likes to dig around in it. But, I often forget to lock it…My fault, or his?

-I’ve given the advice to people before, both paid for or not- If you double your price, do you lose more than half your customers?

-In a constant search for satisfaction, we always look for something better. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy to keep us trying harder.

-I have come to think that I may have ADHD. But, I can’t seem to focus enough to give a damn. Watch this video to get an idea of what I mean.

-I have an affinity for button fly jeans. I may be the only one that ever notices though. It’s not like we pay much attention to the fastening system of others when they are undressing in front of us.

-My fetish for new clothes is rivaled only by my distaste for buying new hangers. And possibly cleaning out my closet.

-Our perception of our surroundings is really the only thing that matters to our well being. Turn  blind eye to the negative things and it’s all roses. Focus on them and we are consumed by changing it.

-If I had no worries of money or time, what would I do? I’ve tried to answer this before, and keep changing my mind.

-I own at least a few hundred books. Would I be smarter if I had actually read all of them?

Sleep well 🙂



We make them every day. Some small, some large. Sometimes we don’t even see the ramifications of them when they hit us.

I’ve worked towards a goal for the last few years. The goal being that I would make a significant impact on the food scene in Reno and become the “spokesman” of that effort. This goal has been realized in smaller efforts such as Reno Bites, events I have helped plan, my own catering company and writing for RTT. Lately, some bigger opportunities have presented themselves.

I’m on the cusp of either making a big leap forward, or over committing and putting myself in the position of not having the time or energy to handle it all.

Each opportunity comes with risk. I remember back in elementary school when one of my teachers talked about risk assessment. They told us that the reward needs to outweigh the risk in order to make a good decision. The trick is that sometimes those risks and rewards are unclear. The line is blurred, the gray area is a bit too big for immediate response.

A big part of me loves these moments. By nature, I’m a risk taker. I thrive for tackling the unknown and surpassing expectations. The greater the risk, the greater my satisfaction when it’s passed. Some don’t get it, for me it’s everyday life.

I put this out to the world knowing that the right answers always find their way back to me. The positive, the negative, regardless, I get what I give to the universe. Even if that universe is this little blog in a sea of blogs.

Do I take the plunge and reap the rewards? Or do I take the chance of regretting the missed opportunities? Only time will tell, either way it will be a great ride!

Why am I crazy?!?!

Well, maybe I’m not…

Many friends have asked me over the years why I keep so many projects going at once. Many colleagues ask me how I do it. The fact is, that’s just how my mind works. I bought a book about a year ago, “Refuse to Choose!”, and it’s taken me that long to get through about half of it…

The “problem”

Basically, my mind needs stimulation from many different sources at once. The good part is that I can handle it. Or better yet, thrive on it. It’s midnight on a Tuesday right now and I’m jittery with ideas.

For the past few years I’ve wondered what is wrong with me. Why can’t I stay focused on something long enough to get it done? Why do I have so many unfinished projects? I need to finish that website. Keep working on the book. Email so and so about that idea I had. Call that person back about the new venture. Write the business plan for the partnership I talked to Mr. Ed about last month. Finish the twenty blog posts I started right here… The list goes on and on.

The “solution”

An excerpt from the book, when the writer is interviewing someone just like me-

“I’m a fake.” Liam Said. “The real problem isn’t that I have no time. The real problem is that I’d start one of these projects and have a great time, but after I designed it and understood it and gave it a try to see if it really worked, I’d lose interest and walk away.”

“Oh, is that all?” I laughed. “That’s not a problem. You just need to hand your projects off to someone else. Just teach others how to do them. In fact, teach some teachers how to do them so they can keep your idea going. Then you can go start something else.”

His face lit up again, and he told me another of his ideas.

So, that’s what I see as my future. I’m the starter, not the finisher. I need to build a support system of people to carry on ideas and make them happen. I’ve known this for a while, but I never looked for a teacher to pass them onto. I kept looking for someone to be the “manual labor” while I steered the ship.

I need to give up more control, let someone else take the reigns and keep moving forward so I don’t get bored. When it comes to ideas, I have millions. I can tell you why each of them could work, but never get far enough to figure out if they would. Even if I had a success rate of 5%, I could feed an army.

That’s it for now, time to brainstorm!

Synergy, relationships and finger pointers

Let me start by saying that I am all for collaboration in business. Especially in our smallish town where we have one or two stand out experts in most categories. But, I’m tired of seeing copycats and wave riders…..



Working together

“Work jointly”, “cooperate” and “create” are key words here. A collaboration has to create a synergy, provide more than the sum of the two parties by working together. Jumping on the bandwagon and saying “Look what we did!” when you didn’t help to create it is not cool. Spreading the word always helps, but there’s no need to take credit.

There are plenty of us out there trying to build cool things in the community. Plenty more work hard to spread the word. And a lot of folks simply come out and enjoy those creations. All three are needed for success, just make sure you know which part you are and live that.


Sometimes as a business person, you look at what other people are doing and know you could do a better job at it. Usually, I think, it’s the best practice to approach those folks first with some ideas and see if they want to work together. If not, that’s up to them to invite competition. The competition makes businesses improve, it’s a good thing. Just try not to piss people off getting there.

Finger pointers

There’s a few types-

Some point their finger at you and say “you’ll never make it work”, a sarcastic “good luck”.

Some point their finger at others and say “it didn’t work because of them”, “he/she should have done this instead”.

Some point their fingers at themselves and say “see what I did?”, “look how great we are”.

Luckily, some will point their fingers at everyone and say “see what these guys did?”, “thanks for making it a success”, “let’s make this even better next time!”

Axis and Allies

Reno is too small to have enemies in the business world. At the very least everyone deserves a cordial “Hi, how are you?”. It’s small enough that I can pick up the phone and call anyone I need to talk to without an introduction. I can find experts easily and we will always have a common connection.

But it’s not small enough that I, we, or anyone else have to rely on you to get things done. The day of the gatekeepers (thanks Chris Brogan) has passed. It’s time to be a part of the solution or get out of the way.

Carry on 🙂

Moving on

Sometimes we get beat at our own game. Your gaurd is let down as you become better and better and that leaves room for someone to put you in your place.
It’s another example of the cycles we go through in life. Learning, content, realization and more learning.
The cycle keeps us looking for improvement. Keeps us driving to be better.
I would guess that as much as those lessons hurt at the time, they’re better than giving up and being stagnant.
There’s nothing holding you back but the fear you impose on yourself. Once you break that down it’s another step forward. Another lesson. Another session of content for your being. Another lesson from the universe making you stronger.
As history repeats itself, we can look back at past accomplishments and see where we have tackled this same fear before. It may have a different form and a different emotion, but it’s the same non the less. Time to learn and move forward.
You can’t stop the laws of the universe. You just have to learn to let them ride their course and allow the progress to find you.