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Consulting Services

The Team

What Makes Us Different?

Every business faces struggles, challenges and issues along the path to success. Our team has a very diverse set of experiences tackling many of those problems ourselves over the years. From building a $10 million retail food business, launching a bootstrapped catering business and selling it for a profit, operating kitchens ranging from fine dining to street food, marketing and launching products and even winning national culinary competitions, our depth of experience is all summed up into one goal- to make you more money. Keeping our team dispersed and flexible means that you get access to the assets you need without the fluff. We narrow down your goals into smaller steps and tackle them with a vengeance to make sure results are seen quickly. In a nutshell, we are the team of rock star experts that you can count on to handle your project as if it was our own.

Our Clients

Product Ideation and Sales Support

Recipe Development

Sales tool creation for new market expansion

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Improvement on Success

Culinary Progression

On site training, inventory and waste management, purchasing agreements

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Restaurant Overhaul

Kitchen Rebuild

Menu design, staffing and on site management

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Fort Klamath Ranch

Product Launch

Market Expansion

Distributor negotiations, sales support, merchandising and marketing strategy

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Other Services

Most projects call for a combination of services, though sometimes a simple package will solve your immediate needs and get your business headed in the right direction. Either way, we are here to help you make progress.

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