Fort Klamath Ranch Event Case Study

When we started working with Fort Klamath Ranch this year, they were just in their infancy and hadn’t put much out in Reno. In January, we wanted to get the ball rolling with people talking and some online chatter. The best way to sell food is always to get people tasting it, so we created a tasting event to invite both the public and the industry together and cook up some amazing Wagyu Beef.

Combining a public tasting with industry and media invites meant that the guests gave validation to the chefs and journalists right away, which would help us make headway into sales and media coverage. We laid out the basics and then reached out to our friend Brett Moseley, the chef/owner of Washoe Public House, as he has the perfect private dining room and is always a pleasure to work with.

A short timeframe meant that it was a “down and dirty” type of event, forget the frills and focus on good food and good people. We set a goal of 40 public guests and 15 invited industry, and new that the best way to get word out quickly is through social media. Check out the pictures below for an idea of the numbers we achieved with a short but targeted marketing campaign.

The Facebook post from the FKR page gained some really good numbers for the event, we paid a bit to boost it to a tight target market and put some eyes on the event and the brand. Besides great views, we gained a good amount of followers for the page so we can continue communicating with them. With such a small audience to start with of 97 followers, we were happy with the percentage growth.
Highlight- Almost 2300 people saw the posts and the FKR brand

It also made sense to share the event on the Chef Clint Jolly page to reach an audience that like our work but may not know about FKR
Highlight- Close to 800 impressions without paying for broad exposure, which means they were gained through “organic” means- people sharing, commenting and liking the post

On Eventbrite, the platform we used to sell the tickets, close to 1000 viewed the event
Highlight- this means we had a 4% purchase rate, not including the handful of folks that emailed after tickets were sold out and those that saw the sell out but didn’t message. For comparison, 1-2% is generally considered a good number. That tells us that the value was correct for the attention that we drew.

We passed our goal of guest count, which was an early win for sure. At the event, the sales team was able to get some face time with chefs and the ranch owners were able to meet and greet the public and media alike. As always, we learned from this event and took notes to improve the next so keep an eye out for an update in the future.

One interesting thing to note is that I (Chef Clint) am traveling and currently in Cordoba, Argentina. That means that we had a team on the ground in Reno with me coordinating from afar. Different time zones, no real life conversations, but yet an accomplishment for the team and the client. With those challenges, we almost work and communicate better to make our clients happy. Interested in chatting about what a world of knowledge can do for your business? Get in touch!

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