New year, new adventures!

The day has arrived! For the next 12 plus months I’ll live the life of a nomad…

First, a look at the numbers-

Roughly 30 days in each of 12 cities
8 countries spread across 4 continents will become my “home”
I’ll eat out for an estimated 750 meals in around 15 different countries
I’ll fly around 38,000 miles and spend almost 72 hours in airplanes, buses and ferries


I’ve sold and donated everything I can live without, and kept a minimal amount in storage. Two backpacks hold my material necessities, and my mind is open and ready to take in the world.

The trip has been a few years in the making, starting out by planning a couple months in South America and turning into what it is now. Along the way, I’ve thought long and hard about why I feel the need to escape and what I expect to come of it. As most of us do, I project a great life on social media- driving a fun sports car, playing golf, eating great meals and traveling often. Of course, it’s easy to share only the best and leave out the rest…

I realized that I was longing for a change from my everyday life, however good it is. Struggling to find a new challenge both personally and professionally. The fact is that this last year has been full of extreme ups and downs. While I did well in business, I took a pass on taking care of myself. 25 years in kitchens takes its toll on a body both physically and mentally. In late 2016 I was at the gym 4-5 days a week and probably in the best shape of my life, by early 2017 I was hobbling around with nerve damage in my right leg and nursing an old sprain in my left ankle. Months later, I’m still struggling with the physical issues and have been lacking the motivation to fix it. Mentally, I’m bored and unchallenged without a long term project to work on. In short, I need a disruption!

The Chef life is full of ups and downs, and we’re known for our mood swings and tendencies toward addiction. Depression and anxiety are wide spread in the industry and never talked about, I fight them regularly and it’s time to share that side of me as well. I’m not trying to bring down the mood too much but I do plan to share the whole story, even when it’s not all roses. I’ve realized recently that most of us (chefs and diners alike) may have forgotten why we fell in love with food in the first place- sharing a meal with people we enjoy. Instagram stories of plates have replaced real stories about the day. Instead of sitting down and enjoying the meal in front of us, we’re searching for the next new thing that is opening across town.

I’m hoping to rediscover those great meals full of memories and lacking in pretentiousness. I’m hoping to dine with grandmas that don’t realize how amazing their food is. I’m hoping to find a revelation in a sandwich as I stroll through a new town. I’m hoping to explore a new market every week and find raw flavors I haven’t tasted and turn them into meals for new friends. Finally, I’m hoping that you enjoy following along and that I can open some eyes to a new world of enjoyment around food.

After searching around to find the perfect combination of flights, hotels, Air BnBs, etc. I landed on Remote Year to handle all of those logistics and surround me with a new community to grow with. I’m writing this post from Buenos Aires now, and I’ve already met up with a few of my fellow Remotes which only adds to the excitement to meet the rest!

Here’s how you can follow along with the adventures-

  • Snapshots of the day, food, etc. along the way will come frequently via my Instagram page
  • A little more in depth, and less frequent discoveries over on Facebook
  • Deeper thoughts on food culture and the cities I visit will happen right here
  • Finally, the newsletter will deliver the best of it all to your email box, along with some shared stories from the 50+ folks in the group I’m traveling with

The plan is to wrap this all up into a book or other longer format piece sharing my discoveries and insights on why and how people from around the world gather around a table to share their lives and build communities.

Cheers friends! ¡Nuevos Sabores!

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