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Fort Klamath Ranch Event Case Study

When we started working with Fort Klamath Ranch this year, they were just in their infancy and hadn’t put much out in Reno. In January, we wanted to get the ball rolling with people talking and some online chatter. The best way to sell food is always to get people tasting it, so we created a tasting event to invite both the public and the industry together and cook up some amazing Wagyu Beef. Combining a public tasting with industry and media invites meant that the guests gave validation to the chefs and journalists right away, which would help us make headway into sales [...]

February 5th, 2018|Case Studies, Chef Clint Jolly|

A Chef Let Loose in Buenos Aires

I came to Buenos Aires expecting every street corner to have a lamb leaning over a fire and a gaucho sipping mate. Silly me… ignoring the fact that it was the capital city and full of 12+ million people! Instead, I found what you see in many capital cities- bars and restaurants on every corner, museums you could spend a whole day in, more public art than you could explore in a year and people moving in every direction at every hour of the day. In hindsight, I stayed close to the apartment for too long. We were stationed right in the heart of Palermo [...]

February 1st, 2018|Remote Year|

Building a community

"A community is a group of people who agree to grow together." – Simon Sinek Tucked away in a hot kitchen with sweat rolling down your temples, the printer ticks away and orders roll up onto the floor, it’s easy to disregard everything past the bin at the end of the line. In fact it’s probably been hours since you’ve had a regular conversation with a human other than “hot, behind”, “walking in...” and “let’s sell tables 42 and 76”. Though, outside of your safety zone, lies a whole host of people waiting patiently to have a conversation with you through your food. [...]

January 26th, 2018|Remote Year|

Asados, Malbec and New Friends

"Average food with people you love is a lot better than Kobe beef with an asshole." – Penn Jillette I heard this quote on a goofy show back in August of 2005 and it's stuck with me since. It reminds me that regardless of how much effort a chef or cook puts into a meal, it will never trump the diner sharing that meal surrounded by people they love. And in turn, expecting a restaurant to make your day filled with assholes any better will leave you severely disappointed. I have been reminded of this again and again over the last week as I've met [...]

January 10th, 2018|Remote Year|

New year, new adventures!

The day has arrived! For the next 12 plus months I’ll live the life of a nomad... First, a look at the numbers- Roughly 30 days in each of 12 cities 8 countries spread across 4 continents will become my “home” I’ll eat out for an estimated 750 meals in around 15 different countries I’ll fly around 38,000 miles and spend almost 72 hours in airplanes, buses and ferries Whoa! I’ve sold and donated everything I can live without, and kept a minimal amount in storage. Two backpacks hold my material necessities, and my mind is open and ready to take in the world. The [...]

December 29th, 2017|Remote Year|

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