Food is a Journey

Dining at Siete Fuegos last night was a beautiful experience for many reasons. Almost least of which was the food... A 90 minute drive from our home meant we had to be serious about it from the start. Our driver Fernando was the perfect person to share stories of the wineries, industry, people and [...]

2018-02-22T08:57:05+00:00 February 18th, 2018|

Markets, Butchers and a Viking Chef

After a few unsuccessful searches for a decent market in Buenos Aires, I made it a priority to seek one out in Córdoba early in the month. With two markets near the neighborhood I am staying in I chose a bit longer walk to the larger one. Along the 20 blocks or so my [...]

2018-02-22T08:57:05+00:00 February 12th, 2018|

A Chef Let Loose in Buenos Aires

I came to Buenos Aires expecting every street corner to have a lamb leaning over a fire and a gaucho sipping mate. Silly me… ignoring the fact that it was the capital city and full of 12+ million people! Instead, I found what you see in many capital cities- bars and restaurants on every corner, [...]

2018-02-22T08:57:05+00:00 February 1st, 2018|

Building a community

"A community is a group of people who agree to grow together." – Simon Sinek Tucked away in a hot kitchen with sweat rolling down your temples, the printer ticks away and orders roll up onto the floor, it’s easy to disregard everything past the bin at the end of the line. In fact it’s [...]

2018-02-22T08:57:05+00:00 January 26th, 2018|

Asados, Malbec and New Friends

"Average food with people you love is a lot better than Kobe beef with an asshole." – Penn Jillette I heard this quote on a goofy show back in August of 2005 and it's stuck with me since. It reminds me that regardless of how much effort a chef or cook puts into a meal, [...]

2018-02-22T08:57:05+00:00 January 10th, 2018|

New year, new adventures!

The day has arrived! For the next 12 plus months I’ll live the life of a nomad... First, a look at the numbers- Roughly 30 days in each of 12 cities 8 countries spread across 4 continents will become my “home” I’ll eat out for an estimated 750 meals in around 15 different countries I’ll [...]

2018-02-22T08:57:05+00:00 December 29th, 2017|
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