The journey….

This afternoon I’m driving south down 395, in the construction zone between Moana and Neil. Speedometer says 58 or so (limit is 55 in this spot) as I creep up on a deep blue Ferrari convertible. I can see the brown leather interior through the windscreen, an older gentleman with a baseball cap at the wheel.

The speed limit raises to 65. He stays close to 60. Other cars and a motorcycle start to pull past us in the middle lane. Even if it was a Ford Fiesta I’d be a little anxious for him to speed it up. But he’s in a damn Ferrari!!! As traffic clears up to my right I hop into the middle lane and speed past him and kept going. I looked over past his black wheels and gold trimmed brake rotors to see him just causally driving, not even noticing me next to him. I’ll admit it, I was speeding….. About 80 or so, both windows down and stereo blasting!

I kept it that way all the way to my exit. Cruised on up to the turn lane and stopped at the red light. A few seconds pass and I notice a blue Ferrari pulling up beside me…. Yup, that blue Ferrari. The same one I passed on the freeway a few minutes before. Sitting right there at the same red light.

It really got me thinking about the difference between the journey and the goal. I chose to crank it up a bit and drive my big SUV a little faster than it was really made to go. He chose to just cruise along in a car that is designed to drive at three times the speed. In the end, we both got to the same place at roughly the same time. My speeding didn’t make a difference at all.

Maybe it comes with age…. The ability to slow down and just enjoy the moment a bit. I tend to always rush through things, never taking a minute to relax and enjoy the moment. Always looking for another shot of excitement. I think I’ll do my best from here out to think of the blue Ferrari.

4 thoughts on “The journey….

  1. Ha ha.  Nothing makes me giggle more on the road than sitting at the same red light as the person who just flew past me at warp speed.     Relaxing drive aside, it strikes me that those speeding around like that to shave what amounts to a few seconds off their trip are doing us all a disservice.   How much more fuel did you have to expend for it?   How much more wear and tear on your vehicle? In the end, as you discovered, it was all for naught. I’m not sure how it works out in other cities, but its an observation I get to make every day in the Reno/Sparks roadways.

  2. Yep. There are two things i wish people would consider in addition to your point now that i have some precious cargo when i hit the freeway every day. 1: F=MA: the amound of damage you can do increases exponentially the faster you go.  2: about as many people are killed in car crashes as are killed by breast cancer. 


  3. I’m sure your outlook changes when you’ve got a little one riding with you. And I never knew about the breast cancer and accident stats…. Thanks!

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