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The Project: Wild River Grille in Reno, NV

Wild River Grille helped to revitalize the downtown Reno dining scene in 2007 and they’ve been going strong sense. After a few new challenges popped up, they asked us to come in to help make sure they stayed on the path of growth into the next few years. This project was a great example of how a successful operation can still benefit from the help of an outside expert.

Clint and Tony spent a couple weeks in the operation tackling some long standing “that’s the way we’ve always done it” issues and provided quick and easy solutions. Chef Tony spent time kitchen with the crew going over new plating techniques to improve aesthetics and portion control, developed new specials and provided support in pushing the menu forward a bit while staying in the parameters that have proven successful for the restaurant. Chef Clint provided customized training to both front and back of house staff to bring everyone up to speed on ingredient knowledge, up-sell techniques, and how to develop zero waste goals in the operation. We also provided templates for recipe costing, inventory control and purchasing plus guidance and negotiating better purchasing programs with select vendors.

Overall, it was a great challenge for us to really dial into the couple percent of savings and improved sales that make a successful restaurant that much more so and add a bit more to the bottom line.

The Numbers

  • We were asked to keep specifics confidential, but the estimated ROI to the restaurant was %2500!
  • We saved wasted dollars with proper portion control standards, while having positive feedback from both guests and servers on the changes
  • We helped develop a weekly shift in menu design to add some freshness and diversity to the menu, resulting in more sales opportunities
  • We set up new standards for recipe writing and costing to ensure consistency in food as well as financial control

The Client

Wild River Grille sits right in the heart of downtown Reno on the Truckee River. The menu is full of American classics with a handful of fun thrown in- beautiful steaks, their famous meatloaf, house smoked salmon and a seriously good Berkshire pork chop are some of the favorites.

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