08 Feb


Hey there- thanks for visiting my site.

My name is Clint Jolly. I’ve lived in Reno, NV my whole life and plan to never move. My family has lived and done business in the area for over 60 years with meat markets, retail stores, political careers and more. It’s in my blood to continue that tradition.
I spent the early years of my professional career studying culinary arts and spent many years running a very busy butcher shop, catering business and restaurant. In the last year, my options have opened up and given me a chance to step back and reorganize my plans. My real passion is business development leaning heavily toward marketing and brand positioning. With my practical background in the foodservice business, that is where I focus most of my energy. Of course, the 15 years spent in the kitchen rooted a serious bug for all things tasty and delicious. To indulge those urges I have started a new catering business without all of the big business stuff holding me back. It’s now just about great food and great people.

I tend to focus a lot of my time on food, wine and friends and therefore create a lot of things around that. If all works as planned you will see me traveling the world drinking and eating, and sharing it all with you at some point in my life.

I keep my blog purposely random with my thoughts on everything from food to technology. I try to make it a conversation starter, so if you have thoughts on anything there I would love to hear them.

Misterfnygy Blog

My personal blog that captures my random thoughts and general overview of what’s happening in my life.


Great Thyme Catering

The new iteration of my life’s work. Tasty food and solid service designed to create memories for you and your guests.


FoodBizWiz- Online Marketing for Restaurants

This is my newest venture, digital media marketing for restaurants. Combining my 15 years of experience in the food business with my love and knack for creating digital content and fostering community. I write a lot of posts over there so please check out the blog if you have some time.

Please hit me up on facebook if you would like to chat about anything. Thanks for stopping by!